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Established in 2019, Blue Skies Ranch is a newly constructed home and fully ADA compliant. Located in Tarzana, California, this home is the perfect place for your loved one in need of assisted care. 24/7 caregivers are on duty and Providence Tarzana Medical Hospital is conveniently located close by.  


Our Story

My mother always loved to have nice accessories, dishes, and parties and would be incredibly welcoming whenever my family went to visit her. As soon as she fell and broke her hip, she wasn’t able to care for herself anymore. As if losing that sense of being fully independent wasn’t enough, the only assisted living places around were big, corporate facilities that felt more like a hospital than a home.

On top of the expensive room rent, I had to outsource caregivers that only came to feed her and help with showers. Once my mother became a hospice patient, I took her in to live with me. My goal was to make her life as exquisite as it once was and give back all that she had given me.

The experience inspired me to become a Registered Nurse and specialize in hospice care, where I’ve seen far too many care facilities that treat patients as a number, not a living person. The idea of Blue Skies Ranch came about once my mother passed. I felt a strong need to create a comfortable yet elegant living environment for elderlies so they could still celebrate the beauty of life.

- Eilene Krakover, Founder


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Blue Skies Ranch

6061 Shirley Avenue, Tarzana, California 91356, United States

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